Wedding Videographer Styles

Wedding Videographer Styles

Make Your Priceless Memories Last Forever By Using Our Wedding Videographers

At Popcorn Films our wedding videographers capture your dream wedding and transform it into one of your favorite, timeless romantic wedding  movies. Look back on your special day with friends and reminisce and let us bring back the smile you had on your face on that day.By award-winning professional wedding videographer,  your wedding video  will be as memorable as the event itself. It will highlight all the best moments and bring them back to life in a beautiful cinematic way. Our wedding videographers only use the best quality equipment, handpicked for your individual occasion. We also plan the theme of your video, lighting, sound and editing – tailored to reflect your personality and style.If you would like to capture the magic of your wedding, please contact us today.

Wedding Videographer Styles

Documentary Style Wedding Videography

This style is straightforward. The entire wedding event is recorded and replayed in chronological order. Some sections may be edited (such as speeches), and special effects are very minimal. The audio may be the natural sound of the wedding event. Alternatively, if musical scoring is embedded, we apply similar music that was played at the event to preserve the journalistic approach of this style.

 Cinematic Style Wedding Videography

This style is based on a theme and heavily laid with special effects, editing and graphic works. This helps to achieve a certain mood and emotion from the audience. Effects may include slow-paced romantic scenes to more lively coverage of the event. We may also use a vintage type of effect in photography to create that classic look. Unlike the documentary style, cinematic style focuses on a visually pleasing, more stylised video.

 Storytelling  Style Wedding Videography

This style is very similar to the documentary style video. It has the same straightforward approach but is focused on a storyline and contains more interviews. We can also include dialogue recorded before or after the actual wedding event to create the story leading up to your wedding day.

Highlights Style Wedding Videography

This is the most popular of all the styles. This video is comprised of edited scenes from the entire wedding event and creatively selected and laid with a musical scoring either the couples choice or  music used during the reception or music that will creatively enhance the ceremony vows or speeches. Normally, a couple will purchase this video in addition to one of the style listed above.

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